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Описание филиала

Smart Club is an after school tutoring and enrichment program for students of
elementary school age.
Smart Club curriculum includes teaching of mental arithmetic with the help of abacus
and on-line training on “Wikium” website. Exercises on abacus develop fine motor skills
stimulating the work of both hemispheres of the brain. This training strengthen neural
connections between the hemispheres which improves the ability to translate
information (numbers, signs, symbols) into images and vice versa.
First, we teach students to count on a calculating tool (abacus), then
with an increase in the speed of thinking and the development of visual memory, the
connection with the abacus weakens. Within a few weeks, students easily perform all
arithmetic operations in the mind, mentally imagining the movement of the beads along
the rode.
Another important part of Smart Club curriculum is online training through Wikium
website. This online training was created with the support of Microsoft, the Agency for
Strategic Initiatives and the participation of neuropsychologists. The platform offers
interesting games and tasks that develop ingenuity, fantasy and associative thinking,
the exercises reveal the creative abilities of children and teach them to find non-
standard ways of solving problems. In addition, Wikium allows parents to monitor the
progress of their children.
Smart Club curriculum is accredited by the World Association of Schools of Mental
Arithmetic (WAAMA). It has proved its effectiveness and is already used in five
countries of the world.


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